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Tribeca Tower - Steam Boiler Plant & 400 kW Standby Generator

  • Boiler plant installation at this luxurious apartment complex located in TriBeCa.


  • Total construction cost approx. $2.4 million.


  • Construction completed in 2015.


The partners of Powergen were responsible for providing the engineering for the boiler system at TriBeCa Tower.


Powergen was contracted by the Property to build the plant as the General Contractor and Project Prime.


Our engineering team designed a boiler plant within the adjacent parking garage consisting of three (3) Steam Smith Boilers that will give heat and hot water to the apartments.


One of the overall and successful objectives of this project was to generate sufficient steam on site to facilitate the disconnection of utility steam.


This installation also includes a large natural gas-fired reciprocating standby generator that is 400kW. The generator is connected to the building's power by use of an automatic transfer switch (ATS) which allows the generator to automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. The boilers are set up so that two will normally be used to supply heat and domestic hot water production. On extremely cold days, the third boiler will automatically turn on.


Low-pressure gas is available at street level, which will supply the three boilers. The emergency generator will have its own gas service which is required for all emergency equipment in the city.

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